Monday, April 15, 2013

Cheeselings Debut on Tumblr

Hello Dears,

So the day has finally come! My collaborative effort with fellow artist and Brony Enigmatic Thief is finally ready to go! We decided to post the MLP-inspired art series and comic "The Cheeselings" on Tumblr as that seems to be the more popular brony microbloger site.

Follow the adventures of the changeling outcasts: Castor, Vorpal Void, Skilletz, and Midnight Dancer as they try to make it in the harsh world of loveless ponies and the abominable "deer creatures."

"Won't you pleeeease, please help cheese?"

Enjoy the misadventures of our hapless Changeling misfits and their pony friends!

Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Starlight Twinkle March Art Update!

Hello Dears,

I'm taking a break from near nightly art sessions to catch up on some other work including this here art blog...I suppose I can't escape art even when I take a break from it!

So on this eve of Winter Wrapup, the post Cloudsdale Congress buzz is still flowing through my fingers. With a bit of help from my B.B.BF. F. (best brony boyfriend forever) I've finally got some rather nice scans of work that got a lot of attention at Cloudcon. If I'm able to get a table at Bronycon this year, here are some originals and prints that will be available:

Ori's March 2013 Originals

Below are some originals I will have for sale, as of this month along with their entries on my Deviantart page (which I should honestly upgrade. I've had the name "Matsuban" on there, which kinda translates to best pine tree, since creating the account back in 2005...)

 Princess Luna Shines

Black Swan Rarity

Geisha Rarity 

Blueberry Derpy 

Ori's Picture-Perfect Prints

Here are the cream of the crop so far -- the art that got the most attention at Cloudcon as well as on Deviant art so far. I have scanned these in to date and will have prints available at Bronycon if I get a table.

Queen Chrysalis Nouveau

My Little Mortal Kombat Avenger Ponies

Princess Big Mac

Blackhole Sun 

I'll be making these art update posts periodically as I create new art. I've also added my general art commission rates to the left side bar as well as in the deviant art entries in case anyone is interested. 

That's all for now dears -- back to the coloring board!

- Ori

Monday, March 11, 2013

Cloudsdale Congress: The very best!

Hello Dears,

Longtime no post! This past weekend was Cloudsdale Congress and let me say it was the most pleasant, warm, and fun convention experience I've ever had. I got to spend the majority of my time in artist alley, pedaling my wares with my best brony boyfriend forever (B.B.BF. F.) Matthew of Enigmatic Inkworks

Me and Matthew at our table in our 80's Princess Cadance and Prince Lupan the 3rd costumes ;)
Matthew was selling prints of his very nicely rendered ink drawings while I was offering colored pencil sketches. We were both selling on the spot original character drawings and yes, we can both create them in under 5 minutes! How do we do it? Lightning fingers.

The convention itself was the first after the boondoggle that was Los Pegasus Unicon. For those of you who are not familiar with Bronies or Brony-driven conventions: let's just say a lot of kind people had to clean up a rather large financial mess that left confidence in the smaller conventions severely damaged.

Despite the unfair pressure and expectation -- Cloudsdale Congress delivered. They had two voice actor guests from the show itself: Lee Tockar (voice of Snips, Steven Magnet, and others from My Little Pony Friendship is Magic) and Michelle Creber (Applebloom and the singing voice of Sweetiebell also MLP FIM). A friend of mine-- Ikari, of Lady Ikari's Cosplay snapped a photo with Miss Creber and her son who was thrilled!

Michelle clearly approves of the BEST SPIKE costume ever -- and the cutie inside!

Though I didn't get to see many of the panels, friends of mine who attended enjoyed the content and seeing the often zany antics of guests, panelists, and staff alike!

In other Ori news -- Princess Luna plushie found a new home with one very pleasant and very foxy brony. I'm slowing down plushie production as it is getting way too hard on my hands. However, I'll still be working on building up art stock for Bronycon in August, IF I'm able to get a table.

I'm going to be updating my art repository (Deviant Art Account) with more of my traditional art examples. I'm mostly doing My Little Pony drawings for now, but there may be some other hoofy things thrown in the gallery.

I'll also list my drawing commission prices in a more permanent way on this blog in the future. But if you are interested in commissioning artwork please feel free to contact me via email or through my Deviant art.

And now, I leave you with the single most popular piece of art that I actually had to refuse to sell so that I could make prints of it:

- Ori

Friday, January 25, 2013

Starlight Twinkle Stitch n' Sketch

Hello Dears!

Exciting news all -- I may be vending at a My Little Pony Convention near you -- well in the Washington DC Metro area and Baltimore. If your heading to Cloudsdale Congress, you may see me there if the nice people accept my application.

You might be asking yourself "Who or what is a Starlight Twinkle?" to which I would answer: "My pony-specific art persona, of course!" I'll be selling hand drawn pony sketches and traditional, colored pencil art and commissions for my plushies!

Starlight Twinkle in her her unicorn-y glory

I'll hopefully have poor Zecora done in time for Cloudsdale Congress but for now I'll be bringing Princess Luna, Princess Cadance, and Yula Brightmoon with me as examples. As always I do not do stock Ponies but you'll have a chance to get your order in, in person.

As for my traditional art, here are some examples of what I'll be offering while I'm there! Please excuse the poor scan quality, I don't have a working scanner and I had to take pictures with my smart phone to get them in. Prices have not been decided on yet, but if you attend either Cloudsdale Congress or Bronycon, I'll have everything clearly marked.

I've started putting pony portfolios together so bronies can look at examples

Simple Sketch-Inked Drawings

Flower Child Fluttershy
Sin'Dorei Rarity
My original character: "Daisy Dew"
Rough Color Sketch-Inked Drawings

My original Character: Cici Adaptor
Flower Child Fluttershy -- in rough color
My oc Pearl Diver in rough color--shoo bee doo, shoo shoo be doo!

Complex Color Sketch-Inked Drawings
Note: These will not be able to be done on the spot, as they take too much time. You may commission one and collect it later in the day or have it mailed to you.

Sin'Dorei Rarity in complex color
My oc Castor the Exile in complex color
Princess Luna full body in complex color
Princess Luna's Gaze in complex color
Fancy Drawings
Note: These will not be able to be done on the spot, as they take too much time. You may commission one and collect it later in the day or have it mailed to you. They are done in a more traditional style on nice paper and using only colored pencil.

Flowechild Fluttershy and Rayne the dog art trade for a dear friend and sister.
My OC Pearl Diver with colorful sea backgrou--SHOOBEEDOO, SHOOSHOOBEDOO!!
As I mentioned before, I will have a few portfolios for con attendees to browse in and get ideas for their own drawing requests. Many of the portfolio pieces will also be for sale, in case you simple cannot resist Fluttershy or Luna! :)

That's all for now dears. I hope to have another progress post--neigh completion post for the Crystalis and Zecora plushies soon.

- Ori

Friday, January 18, 2013

Queen Crystalis Plushie Progress

Hello Dears,

I hope you all had a happy and safe holiday season. This little white deer got herself a sewing machine and I've put it to good use over the last few weeks. I've got some practice in on a table cloth or three and have finally started using it for my plushie work. Although the majority of the work on Queen Crystalis had to be done by hand, her tail is my first machine-sewn plushie component.

Speaking of good 'ol "cheese legs"...

Yes she IS standing on her own, no wires necessary -- just stuffing!
As I may have mentioned over twitter or facebook, this fanged changling queen is going to a super awesome little brony with a penchant for evil villains. Those legs took me forever to do by hand but I think they came out rather well.

She can stand on her own, though with a little help -- I just had to make sure the front legs were balanced properly, like with any of the thinner-legged plushies.

And in case you thought the holes were somehow fake, this picture and the many, many hour spent hand sewing them closed and stuffing them tightly should be more than sufficient proof!

Crystalis is my largest pony plushie to date-- even larger than my Princess Luna plushie despite her massive, shimmering mane. And as you can see, she'd have to shed some mass if she's going to play the role of plushie Cadance.

"D-Don't worry P-Princess -- I'll save you from this c-creepy changeling! *gulp*"
All in all I'm looking forward to completing this one and hopefully catch some precious, eeevil moments with little Thad when he gets his new plushie. Until then, my poor plushie chair seems to be running out of room...

That's all for now dears.

- Ori

Friday, December 21, 2012

Yula wants to wish you a happy Yule!

Hello Dears,

Some of you may or may not be aware, but today is Yule or maybe more commonly known as the winter solstice. This is the longest night of the year and a common holiday among ancient (and some modern) pagan people. To celebrate the occasion, I'd like to introduce you all to Yula Brightmoon, sister of Bonnie Bell and the winter fawn!

Yula is made out of fleece, using an altered version of my usual pony pattern. She wears a little necklace made of felt holly and a cloak made out of the same material I used on Nightmare Moon and Princess Luna's hair. 


Her hair and crown are embroidered, but I decided to sew on a piece of fabric for her nose, rather than embroidering it like Bonnie Bell. 

Yula has three beauty marks on her left cheek and one beauty mark just above her right eye. She has nine beauty marks on her back. I purposefully made them uneven -- because nobody's perfect.

As you can see from them pictures below, her cape is removable to better show off her embroidered hair, little tail, and holly necklace.

And as always, Yula can be quite flexible in her poses. She can stand as well as sit comfortably on most surfaces. Like many animals, she does not seem to like to stand on linoleum, glass, or other smooth and shiny surfaces.

And to finish out the post, I managed to get some shots of Lucky in his Yule and Christmas outfits.

Yes, he got many. many treats for this. The pair appear to be conspiring about something..
Lucky was NOT a happy camper in this outfit, more treats were dispensed.
That's all for now dears. Have a safe and happy holiday season, whichever observance you choose to celebrate.

- Ori

Sunday, December 9, 2012

Plushie and Comission Schedule 12.2012

Hello Dears,

"I wuv you Cadance!"

So since I've gotten Princess Cadence done, and the holiday season is upon us, I will be making a few more plushies for December, provided my fingers don't fall off. The first one on the list I'm hoping to have done by Yule (December 21st) and that would be, of course, my character Yula, who you might have seen featured in the MLP FiM fic "Cruel as a Mule."

Here is Yula so far and behind her is my pony storage chair...I need to buy a shelf
Once Yula is finished I'm going to be making a Fluttershy with Fluttershed accesories for my cousin, and a large-sized Queen Crystalis for my good friend's 3 year old, who is the coolest, awesome-est, EEEEVIL-est kiddo ever and deserves the "perfect" plushie.

I'm also hoping to get my hiatus Zecora plushie done soon, provided I can get my expert team of knitting-ninjas to finish her bracelets, rings, and earrings. Poor Zecora, I haven't forgotten about you...

Despite my aggressive schedule, I am still open for commissions. Want a pony or other hoofed creature done at a reasonable price? I'm totally there for you. Just send me an email at:

Nothing more to report on the plushie front for now. I'll post with project progress in a week or so!

- Ori